Can I borrow $20?

Who’d you say yes to? And who’d say yes to you?

I write weekly about the strategies, habits, and tactics around cultivating the connections that matter to you.

Life is short and precious. So try this.

Go to your address book. Pull up a random contact.

Ask yourself the simple question:

“If they reached out and asked to borrow $20, would I say yes?”

I’m not asking you is someone worth $20. But rather - what do you value in a relationship such that you’d be willing to help without hesitation?

Who passes that test for you?

$20¹, as opposed to $20,000, probably isn’t enough to break a sweat about parting with - but it still gives us pause.

We’re connected to more people than ever before and, let’s face it, some of them can be pretty chatty. If they don’t pass even the simplest of tests of would I help them if they asked, that tells us something useful.

Maybe we should spend more time with the people that matter enough in our lives that we would.

Now… flip it around

Who do you think would lend you $20 if you needed it?

Are you connected to thousands, but few with depth beyond an occasional like or retweet?

What can you do to change that?

Until next week.


¹ I’m referring to US dollars. Canadian dollars aren’t real.

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