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Why relationship repair is one of the most powerful tools

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Want to know the secret to making a room of high achieving entrepreneurs cry?

Just ask them - “How often did your parents apologize to you?“

“The most important lesson you can learn in relationships is how to repair the conflicts within them.”

That line from Jayson Gaddis hit me like a ton of bricks. He spoke about how, as parents and partners, many of us have the opportunity to embrace coming back around and intentionally piece things back together after a conflict. A room full of high-achieving entrepreneurs was soon in tears when asked how often their parents apologized to them after a blow-up growing up.

Oof, is there a lot of pollen in the air or something all of a sudden?

The same lesson applies to your coworkers, colleagues, and collaborators.

Let’s face it - conflict is normal, unavoidable, and, in fact, necessary. Maybe it’s not responding to an email, showing up late to a meeting, or forgetting to follow up on a promise. Or it can be firing someone, ghosting for long periods, or working with someone else.

Just as in our personal lives, we may think that the best move is to carry on as if nothing happened. Or, in some cases, avoid further conflict by never re-engaging with them.

What if you, just as Jayson was guiding a room full of misty-eyed professionals, were to admit that the best thing to do after a conflict is heal it?

Would you come across as weak and vulnerable? Or would you show that you truly care, and have the integrity to own up to your mistakes?

My invitation for you -

Is there someone you’ve had conflict with in the past who pops up in your mind every so often? What if you were to apologize to them - out of the blue?

“Hey, I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been thinking about it a bunch, and I just want to apologize to you for - “

Sometimes the best thing you can do to maintain a relationship is to fix it.

Until next week -


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