The pile up

What if they haven't responded?

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What if they haven’t responded to my last few messages?

I get this about twice a week in my coaching program.

Everyone who’s joined is so much more active with their sphere, it’s bound to come up. They find someone in their CRM they want to reconnect with and, as they go to reach out, see that the last message never got a response. Actually, the last two or three.

What would you do?

Our first thought might be yep, they hate me and don’t want to talk to me.

It’s natural, as our ego often overstates any slight social rejection.

One of our concepts is to focus only on the second thought and first action you take. We start talking about that second thought - the one that’s hopefully a bit more logical.

Maybe they’re really busy? Maybe email is an ineffective way of reaching them. Maybe they keep wanting to respond, but get distracted? Maybe they feel bad because it’s been so long, so their ego is coaxing them to avoid it altogether.

Then, we think about the action they could take. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

It could be sending a text instead of an email this time.

Or it could be a somewhat more direct “Been trying to reach you a couple of times - I take it you’re slammed. Here for you whenever!” - gently calling them out on their lack of response, and putting the ball in their court.

Or it could be realizing that relationships ebb and flow - and this one is out to sea at this time.

Either way - you might take it personally.



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